Udemy Courses

Here are the list of My UDEMY Courses

1. 5G Mobile Networks: Technologies, Architecture And Protocols
2. 4G LTE: Technology, Architecture And Protocols
3. 3G UMTS Fundamentals Training
4. Designing RF Communication Systems Using SDRs with GNU Radio
5. Mobile Communication For Beginners 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
6. 5G Network Security: Architecture And Procedures
7. Computer Network Security Protocols And Techniques
8. Optical Fiber Access Networks Using PON/FTTH
9. Optical Fiber Transmission Networks Using DWDM Technology
10. RF Concepts, Components and Circuits For Beginners
11. Introduction To Telecom Networks: Fixed/Wireless Networks
12. 5G RF Planning and Design
13. 5G O-RAN (Open RAN): Architecture, Procedures And Use Cases
14. Transmitter & Receiver Design Architectures for RF Systems
15. 5G NR (New Radio) Technical Training-A Deep Dive
16. Private 5G Networks / 5G Non-Public Networks (NPNs)
17. A Beginners Guide To Telecom BSS/OSS for Mobile Networks
18. Computer Networks & Data Communication Essentials